Picture Day

Right now I’m so busy in real life. I have few postings waiting for writing and posting. I also started to write a summary about my posts in Finnish to the end of all the texts.

If I have to say who is my all-time favorite character in Monster High, it’s Operetta. She has everything; nice style, red hair, beauty, tattoo and she is daughter of Phantom of The Opera. Nothing else I don’t have to say, because Operetta is just so gorgeous. But still, I don’t like every doll about her. Signature version is pretty, but finally I found another version that I like.








Picture Day Operetta is my birthday present from my mom. Actually she gave me permission to buy a doll and she paid it. In Finland, assorments of dolls were very poor at January. I found first EAH dolls from market in the beginning of February and new MH dolls I haven’t seen for a while. I’m so happy that I found Operetta, because I love her style.








I don’t have much to say, because she is just perfect. First I didn’t like her hair, but when I got her, I loved it. That jacket and corset are the best part of her outfit.








I don’t really like that frill in the middle of the dress. It would look much better without it.








I like that “mask” is a earring. It’s so much easier to put it on and take it off like that. But that means another one, uneven earring. I don’t understand why so many dolls have different earrings. It’s very hard remember what kind of earrings specific doll has, because they are not the same.

Next post coming soon!


Ajattelin alkaa kirjoittelemaan tähän blogiin myös pienen suomenkielisen tiivistelmän. Blogiin voi kommentoida suomeksi tai englanniksi.

Sain syntymäpäivälahjaksi äidiltäni Picture Day Operettan. Tai oikeastaan äiti lupasi että saan ostaa nuken ja hän sitten maksoi sen. Suomessa on mielestäni nyt tosi, tosi huono nukkevalikoima. EAH nuket tuli tänne päin helmikuun alussa ja Monster High-nukkeja on tullut uusia kauppoihin joulukuussa. Onneksi löysin tämän Operettan, sillä perusversion lisäksi tämä on nätein versio.

En ensiksi tykännyt nuken hiuksista, sillä tuo etuheitto saattaa olla aika hankala jos hiukset haluaa muuhun kuosiin. Mutta livenä ne onkin ihan kivat, joten Operetallani on vieläkin noin hiukset, vaikka yleensä alan nukkejen ulkonäköä muuttamaan heti “virallisten” kuvien jälkeen.

Tuo vyötärökorsetti ja takki ovat hienoja, keksin niille jo kymmeniä yhdistelmiä. Pitäisi vain jakaa kuvailla kaikki stailaukset joita kokeilen. Pidän myös nuken “maskista”, koska se on helpompi laittaa takaisin paikoilleen kuin aikaisemmat.

Seuraava postaus tuleekin varmaan viikonlopun aikana, on niin paljon nukkejuttuja kirjoitettavana!


Lips red as rose and skin white as snow

It was very hard to choose which version of Apple White I’m going to buy first; Core or Legacy Day. I like Apple’s core version much. She has a lovely outfit and her make-up is strong and simple. Legacy Day Apple wasn’t first my favorite, because I don’t like dolls with glitter make-up or glitter in their clothes, but somehow I still chose Legacy Day doll.








Maybe I chose this Apple because the dress and shoes looks amazing. With little changes to the dress it would look historical and shoes reminiscent me about Marie Antoinette. Only thing I don’t like about the dress is very ugly black net that is under the necklace. It just doesn’t fit with rest of the dress.

Although cape is pointless and ugly, it does look good from far. Still I don’t understand why so lovely and suprisingly good quality outfit is messed up with the kind of thing that feels and looks like a shower curtain. It doesn’t even seem so royal. So when I had took few pictures of the doll with the cape, I took it off. Apple looks much better without it.








I like how much jewellery comes with Apple. She has very nice looking crown, earrings, bracelet in both wrists, lovely apple shaped ring and I think best is that big necklace. Apple’s purse is not as nice as the core version has, but it is cute.








Apple’s make-up is nice. She has red lips which match with the outfit and they look great with her pale skin. Her make-up is not so strong as the core versions and she has glitter above eyes. I just don’t like glitter, it always drops off and then there is little glitter dots everywhere.

I feared that colour of her hair would be too yellow, but luckily it’s nice and natural blonde. Her hair is very long and I haven’t found anything to complain about it.








I don’t usually like blonde dolls, but Apple is very beautiful. Maybe the reason is how pale she looks which makes good contrast with the colours.

Ashlynn was happy to get new same size and age friend to company her. Apple can’t wait when she gets new clothes and hair style.

Totally lovely!

  When I first saw Ever After High dolls, I didn’t like 2-pack Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman. They remind me of MH couple Draculaura and Clawd Wolf and I don’t just like that pairing (I’m not a fan of Draculaura, more about that on later post). But then I saw how beautiful and perfect Ashlynn is. I fell in love with her. And when I realized how different Hunter is from MH boys, I wanted him too.

So this cute couple arrived to me last Friday and they both are amazing!

Ashlynn’s face is so… I don’t even have  the words to say that. She is totally lovely! I like her hair colour and her light make-up. Her original hairdo was wonderful. After taking these photos I opened her hairdo. She has long hair and it’s nice to realize that she has so much hair, unlike other Mattel dolls I have bought recently…

I don’t have good photos of her outfit, because most of my pics are too dark.

I heard that Hunter is bigger than MH boys, so I was very excited of him. And he is much manly than my Deuce and Clawd. He is not even bad-looking, very handsome for a doll. First I thought my Ashlynn and Hunter are not a couple, but somehow they stayed together. They are very good looking couple.

I wanted to give Ashlynn a new name, because I didn’t like her name. Ashlynn is okay, but that last name “Ella” doesn’t work. She is Cinderella’s daughter, but still. I think she looks like Dawn, but I will have to think whether I change her name or just call her Ashlynn. Hunter’s name is great, so he is just Hunter Huntsman.

Ashlynn is my favorite doll now because she is just perfect. After taking these photos with original clothes, I put on her a Monster High size dress. EAH girls are little bigger than MH girls, so not all the clothes fit. Shoes fit perfectly, though.

I don’t have much to say about these dolls since they are just amazing. So lets watch just some photos which I took. Believe  me when I say; they are must more fabulous than what they look in photos!

Make your wish

Happy new year 2014 everyone! I was planning to post this much earlier, but I was busy.

Like I promised I present another MH doll which I bought after Christmas. On Friday I got one of my EAH purchases, so next post is EAH oriented. But now let’s rub the magic lamp and meet Gigi!

First when I saw Gigi, I was like “Oh dear, Mattel must be running out of ideas.” I thought that the genie doesn’t fit in the world of Monster High.

But then I saw how long, beautiful hair Gigi has and little by little I started to like her. I love her hair. It’s so long and beautiful and I like her colours, too. She looks little bit worried and she’s got huge eyes. Her style was also great and as a cherry on top were those lovely shoes!

Like with Twyla, I thought I had to buy Gigi from abroad, because I haven’t seen her in stores for a while. But then I found three Gigis from another store than Twyla. So I try to look differencies and bloopers from dolls and I buy the best one of them.

I always try to take photos of dolls when they wear their original clothes and sometimes it feels like torturing, because I like trying different styles for them. Gigi was no exception and after taking these photos I tried some new clothes on her. I must write posting about my dolls in their new styles.

Gigi’s hair is so long, but again quality is so poor. Gigi is almost bald from the neck. Oh, my trust for these dolls decreases after every blooper…

Gigi’s outfit is nice and shoes are lovely. They feel different material than other shoes, much softer. Shoes are very inventive, that’s brilliant idea! I hope to see more unique and imaginative shoes for another MH dolls as well.

Gigi has longer finger nails than other dolls and her ears are pointy. They fit perfectly for her theme. Her make-up is lovely, not too much and not too little.

I love Gigi. I liked her very much in 13 wishes special, so I like Whisp too. Doll is very beautiful and again I got new lovely girl to my collection.

My birthday is coming and I hope to get the dolls who are still on their way to home soon. I was so reckless and I watch Lalaloopsy photos from Flickr and now I want one as my birthday present. I’m not so excited about normal size Lalaloopsy dolls, I like more Lalaloopsy Littles, series of little sisters and brothers of regular Lalaloopsies. Maybe I have to make wishlist about them too…

Here’s some pictures of Gigi. I must learn to use this and learn how to put pictures nicely in the post.


I am the one hiding under your bed

Here in Finland there was no white Christmas. Weather has been rainy and now all snow has melt off. That’s a miracle, because I don’t remember another snowless Christmas. Now when I look out to my backyard it looks like spring, not that it’s almost end of the year. I want snow! That brown, dead grass looks so sad and gloomy.

I didn’t get any dolls for Christmas, but immediately when stores opened after holidays, I run to spend my money. And I bought two lovely Monster High dolls from my wishlist. And later that day I bought couple dolls from Ebay, I can’t wait when they come to me!

In this posting I will show one of my new girls and next post will show another. It was very difficult to choose which one goes first, because they are both so lovely!

But because I’m talking how dark and gloomy here is, maybe it’s the best let Twyla take the spotlight.

  I love Howleen and Twyla, because they are so tiny and cute! To me they look more teenages than normal MH dolls. They have smaller body mold, but still some bigger girls clothes look great on these little girls. I haven’t seen Twyla on stores for a while and I thought I have to buy her from abroad, but luckily I found one Twyla from the biggest store.

I saw new MH tv special 13 wishes on tv at Christmas. I liked Twyla as a doll before that, but when I saw her in special, I loved her. She is so shy and tries to be just herself, nothing more. Twyla is daughter of bogeyman and she has a lovely pet, dustbunny Dustin.

Photographing dolls in Finland at this time of the year is so hard, because there is not much light during daytime, so the photos are dark. It takes a lot of patience (and good photo editing program) to take good pictures. But because Twyla likes shadows, darker photos work on her.

Twyla has very cute outfit. Her shoes look so tiny that I didn’t believe they would fit to Howleen. Luckily I was wrong. Shirt is nice and I tried it to normal MH girl doll and it fits well. Those sleeves are nice.  Skirt’s quality is very poor, but it fits to bigger doll as well.

Twyla’s face and colour is so lovely. I like that she doesn’t have weird coloured lipstick or eye shadow. Her make up is fresh and natural, it really suits for a shy girl.

It’s funny that Twyla’s eyes glow in the dark and I thought I couldn’t sleep in the same room where my dolls are, but it’s not spooky or something. Actually I don’t even see theglow from far, only when I keep the doll in my hand. Very unique detail!

I don’t know what’s wrong with Mattel or is it only bad luck, but the quality of dolls is not the same what it was when I got my first MH doll. When I took Twyla out from her box, there was small bunch of loose hairs in Twyla’s head. Her hair is so thin and her scalp is very hard to hide. Same problem was with my Maddie Hatter.

Another annoying thing is Twyla’s left arm. It’s very stiff and when I try to move the joint, it fall off. It happens many times when I take photographs. And Twyla’s eyes are not the same size.

Why there is so much bloopers on one doll?! It’s not nice to buy them and then they fall apart immediately when you open package. Soon I don’t want buy new dolls, because these quality problems bother me so much.

But I still adore my Twyla doll and she now has a new style. She’s hanging out with Howleen and Maddie on my doll shelf. Soon I need to make more room for my new dolls. I’m thinking that EAH dolls should get their own self…

Happy Holidays!

I celebrate Christmas with my family. I’m going to watch cartoons and eat a lot of chocolate. I’m so happy because one Finnish tv channel shows a few Monster High tv specials during holidays! I don’t usually watch much Monster High webisodes or specials, but now I will try to watch those.

I wish merry Christmas and happy holidays to everybody!

It’s the best time of the year

I love Christmas. I’m not so religious, but I like Christmas time, the traditions and the spirit. And of course I like presents, but it is nicer to give than get those.

It’s fun to decorate house for Christmas and I think it’s nice to photograph my dolls with season’s ornaments. So Howleen and Maddie put on their best outfits and started celebrating this lovely time of year.


Beauty of the sea

As a Christmas present for myself I bought a new Monster High ghoul. Lagoona Blue from Ghouls Night Out series is so beautiful!

I have always liked Lagoona. It is little surprising because there isn’t many blonde dolls that I like. But almost every Lagoona is very pretty. This new one is my new favorite, but Classroom Lagoona comes second.

She is a daughter of Sea Monster and she look little bit fishy. I like those big eyes, but sometimes they’re annoying when shooting her because from other direction the eyes can look very weird. Big eyes also reflect light very easy and it doesn’t look very good in photos.

Lagoona’s hair style is nice and I think I keep that look for a while. Maybe because I can’t make as nice curls as she has now. 🙂 Little complain about Lagoona’s hair, because I found from her back hair a very odd bundle of hair. Its looks like blonde yarn. I didn’t even need to pull it and it dropped off. It’s good that Lagoona has so much hair, because there is now little bald spot at the back of the head.

Lagoona comes with a very pretty outfit and shoes. For photos I took off her blue jacket, because the dress is so lovely. I like the little fishes on it. Shoes are also nice, but not the best. I hate that belt since it looks too separate and big. Maybe I will find another style for Lagoona in which I can use that belt.

Because she is the daughter of sea monster and she likes to live in the water, she has little fins at her hands and legs. Those leg fins never stay in place and I think there is lots of Lagoonas in the world who miss their leg fins. So I keep rubber bands on my Lagoonas legs long as I could.

I like my dolls to have personalities, so I gave Lagoona a new name. She is a sea monster so I thought of giving her a name after Melusina, who is the spirit of fresh waters in European folklores. I customed the name a little bit and finally Lagoona has a new name; Melusia Blue.

The newcomer

First when I saw Ever After High dolls I thought they were not as nice as MHs and EAH dolls have huuuge heads, so no thanks. But then I went to Flickr and found some lovely pictures of them and…well, here we are.

I’m a little bit happy that EAH dolls are not yet here in Finland, because then I might have difficulties to keep myself from buy everyone of them. Now, when I have to buy from Ebay, I have to really think what I want.

There was no question about who I wanted first. Madeline “Maddie” Hatter is so cute! Luckily this young lady came to me from Wonderland just before Christmas.

IMG_7155Maddie has a crazy, but still so cute style. She is daughter of Mad Hatter, character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She loves tea parties and the doll has nice tea pot shaped purse. I want  that same purse to me, in real size!


Maddie has smaller body mold than other girls and she is very much the same size as Howleen Wolf. Clothes fit between the dolls nicely, but Howleen and Maddie had different size feet, so the shoes don’t fit. Normal MH dolls shoes fit Maddie nicely and clothes too. MH glasses and other headpieces don’t go to Maddie since her head is so much bigger.

Photographing this doll is nice. I like her clear features and lovely colours. She is not so posable as MH dolls, but I got great headshots of her cute face. IMG_7146

I have to complain something about this doll. Maddie’s hands are like gloves and they are nice, but I think why there could not be extra normal hands in package? Those gloves are very annoiyng when trying to style and photograph the doll. I’m very strict about what I want my dolls to look, so those very bright colored gloves are not what I want. I have thought the same about MH werecat dolls. Maybe there’s idea that nobody never want to remove doll’s original clothes and if you buy another version of that doll, you can change hands between dolls. But still…

Another thing what I have to say is doll’s quality. My Maddie’s eyes are slighty different size and her hair is thin. I have styled Maddie couple of times and her scalp shows when I do her hair. Then I have to try cover it with hair and it takes a long time to make Maddie look nice.

Generally doll is still very nice and one of my favorites now. She is a good start to my EAH doll collection and I have little wish list about these dolls already. IMG_7151IMG_7143

Maybe the next year brings more these fairytale beauties to me!


Finally I got my own blog! I have dreamed of this for a long time, but I didn’t know good name for it. Finally I got an idea and here we are; So Luminously Lovely is a perfect name for my doll blog!


This is the first post, so I should tell something about myself…

Well, I’m 27 years old woman from Finland. I have collected Monster High Dolls about two years, but last summer I sold most of my dolls. 😦

Now I have 13 dolls, but I think number is going to grow soon. I’m not a fine collector, who keeps dolls at boxes. I love dressing and photographing my dolls, so my new dolls don’t look “mint” very long.

My dolls have their own personalities and I like to dress them to different styles. Now I fell in love with Ever After High dolls and I got one so now monster girls have to give more room for the new fairytale ladies at my doll shelves.

Here in cold Finland MH dolls are popular, but they are very expensive. Every doll series aren’t even released here. Ever After High haven’t even come here yet, so I buy most of my dolls from Ebay. Nothing is better than getting a new lovely doll!

This blog tells mostly about my dolls and shows my doll photographs. I hope there’s at least few curious people who want to read my blog and I hope I can write nice and lovely postings. I’m not good at writing in English, but I think you can forgive me little misspelling.

Next posting is coming soon, hope you like it!